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Looking to maximize the space through renovations? Adding a mezzanine system effectively adds more floors to your existing single story building, without building extensions, at an economical price. With only 17 feet of existing overheard clearance in your building, we can easily double your storage square footage. Built from freestanding light gauge steel framing, mezzanine systems are quick to build, while putting no additional load on your existing structure.  Think about the possibilities of what adding a mezzanine system to your existing building can do for your storage potential. Give one of our experts a call or fill out the online form below for more information.

549 W Randolph Street, Suite 704

Chicago, IL  60661

Tel: 312-846-6161

For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: 312-846-6161.


Corporate Office
Get a quote: 312-846-6161
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